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The Story

Addington & Garrick Enterprises is a multidisciplinary company that offers a range of services related to architecture, engineering, and interior design. The company's expertise lies in designing spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and sustainable.

In terms of architecture, Golden Section Interior Design can provide services such as designing and planning buildings, as well as overseeing the construction process to ensure that the final product meets the client's specifications. They may also offer feasibility studies and project management services.

Finally, Golden Section Interior Design's interior design services focus on creating functional and aesthetically pleasing interiors. This can include selecting colors, textures, and finishes, as well as designing furniture layouts and lighting plans.

Overall, Golden Section Interior Design offers a comprehensive suite of services to help clients create spaces that are both beautiful and practical.


Past Projects

Addington & Garrick Enterprises has a broad range of experience and a great deal of technical skill to provide a solid foundation for all their projects. We have endeavoured to take on roles and positions that have given them the greatest learning opportunities.

Building in Downtown Brooklyn, NY

An old building was renovated and turned into condominiums, But building new infrastructure was a big challenge. The team overcame this obstacle through careful planning and execution, resulting in successful modern living units.

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New building in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, NY

We acted as project managers for the construction of a high-rise building in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where each floor serves as a full apartment. This project involved overseeing the entire construction process, from planning and budgeting to execution and completion, resulting in a modern and impressive living space.

New building in Brooklyn, NY

This project involved the construction of a new building from the ground up, including the demolition of the previous structure. Through careful planning and skilled execution, the team was able to successfully complete the project, resulting in a modern and functional new building

We had the pleasure of working with ownership to provide innovative renderings for marketing purposes.
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Business Center, Allentown PA

Through meticulous project management, we accomplished the gut renovation of a landmark building with precision and coordination. The satisfaction expressed by all involved reflects our commitment to delivering a successful outcome

Landmark Building Gut Renovation in Downtown Brooklyn, NY

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